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Meet Chris Davis

Meet our new Sales Manager offering friendly support with experience.

Pennant Park is delighted to have Chris onboard.

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At Wayfind, we cherish the privilege of working in the picturesque environment of holiday parks. Whether surrounded by lush landscapes or engaging with visitors who find solace in their “happy place,” our team—from cooks to front-of-house staff, greenkeepers, golf enthusiasts, receptionists, and sales professionals—shares a common joy.

Chris Davis, our new Sales Manager, exemplifies this joy. As part of the Lodge-Ownership program at Pennant Park, he brings a wealth of knowledge supported by his personal experiences in a lodge-owner family.

Purchasing a holiday home isn’t a simple transaction. It involves both financial investment and personal commitment. Trust and understanding between parties are essential. Our guiding principle is to always deliver on our promises—many times even exceeding expectations.

Chris’ extensive background in holiday sales speaks volumes. He’s a seasoned veteran with a thorough understanding of lodges and the industry. But beyond expertise, he embodies warmth, generosity, and a genuine desire to build lasting relationships with customers.

We’re delighted to introduce Chris through this blog. His positive energy and customer-friendly approach deserve recognition, and prospective buyers are invited to explore Pennant Park, our lodges, and meet Chris directly.

During our chat with Chris, we discussed his thoughts on his role, the park, and advice for potential buyers. Many people remain unaware of the diverse options and benefits available across various budgets and circumstances. We encourage you to have a conversation with us. Chris, ever gracious, will gladly put the kettle on and take you on a tour of our golf course, clubhouse, and stunning grounds.


Hi, my name’s Chris Davis, I’m the new sales manager here at Pennant Park. I’ve been in the industry 30 years, and I am super pleased to be here.

How did you get into the leisure industry?

I joined the industry at 19 as a bar team member at a holiday park in Blackpool, being a family member of an owner. My grandmother owned a caravan there and still does own a caravan there.

What brought you to holiday home and lodge sales?

Whilst working behind the bar, I was watching the sales guys and girls take potential owners around the holiday park and being a family member of an owner, I found it quite interesting and something that I would really, really like to turn my hand to.

The importance of trust with such a big, yet exciting commitment?

So, the approach I’ve always taken in holiday home sales is putting myself in the person’s shoes to look after their needs, wants and desires, and I get that from being a family member of an owner and having experience of being an owner and what that entails, and it allows me to apply all of my advice, all of my suggestions based around that ethos.

Why Pennant Park?

Well from the very second you enter the park, you can see the attention to detail that’s been placed into every aspect of the park and the experience behind the whole design, and you can really, really tell that it’s been put with the guest or the owner experience at the centre of every decision.

Understanding the benefits for people who are unsure, or unaware?

So, buying a holiday home here at Pennant Park is a fabulous investment to your family’s leisure time, and it’s invaluable, the time that you spend as a family rather than the normal family occasions. Having a holiday home allows you as a family to continue to connect more to spend a lot more time with each other, and just create some fabulous memories for the longevity of your honour and lifetime.

What are the next steps to reach out?

The next natural step is for you and the family to now come and visit the park, which will allow me to assure you our fabulous facilities are an amazing golf course and the spectacular surrounding areas where we’re located.  Alternatively, just send me a message, give me a call, and then we can take things from there, but I really look forward to meeting you and the family at some point.

Discover More:

Contact Chris directly: Call him on 07988 550608 or email

Download our brochure: Visit our website to explore lodge-ownership options.

Unpressured and friendly: We’re here to answer your questions and guide you through the process, so if owning a home-from-home amidst the beauty of North Wales and The Wirral, complete with your own hot tub or outdoor seating area, appeals to you, Chris would love to discuss further. We offer multiple finance options, with lodges starting as low as £99,500.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or need additional information.